Sunday, November 8, 2009

NaNoWriMo Week One Update

What have I learned after one week of NaNoWriMo? That I have mind ghosts. Before this week, I didn't think I could write 1667 words per day. Yes, really! The first couple of days were though. I sat for three or four hours. My butt was sore. I had to take breaks because my legs were falling asleep. But now, at the end of week one, my writing speed has increased. This morning I finished in two hours.

Before this week, I really didn't think I would be so concerned with speed and volume. But when you have to write a lot, there is no time to be concerned with quality. And this is suppose to be a good thing. The NaNo-experts say that quality is put on the back burner during the first draft. I am still struggling with this concept. But then, I have never written a novel. I have to trust the experts.

What else is hard? Not getting stuck! I am happy with my story idea, but it's hard to flesh it out. The first day I wrote like crazy. My fingers were flying on the keyboard. And then the next day, I just sat there. I was completely out of words. But this is normal. That's what I read on the NaNo-forums. They write advice like: "Don't edit! Just keep on writing, even if it's crap."

Also, plot is an issue. Lots of NaNo-writers share on the forum that they're concerned about not having one. But after one week of writing like a maniac and producing crap, it's premature to say. This concern is most likely stirred up but our own internal perfectionist. The one who likes to remind us that we can't spell, and that we have nothing important to say, or that we suck.

One week into NaNoWriMo, I have produces 13,657 words, a quarter novel about Sam and Stella.

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