Friday, December 25, 2009

How To Make A Word Into A Link

Being a newbie blogger is frustrating. I want to learn everything quickly, create a buzz around my blog, and become a respectable member of the blogging community --but as with everything else that involves human interaction-- it's a slow and trust-gaining process, as it should be. I just have to be patient, work hard, and contribute. Yes, because that's what you do to be part of the blogger-gang. Share what you know and make friends!

So today, on this lovely Christmas Day, to all you blogging rookies out there, I will share how to make a word into a hyperlink.

A couple of nights ago, I sat up half the evening pulling my hair over this one. Geez! Until I figured out that it was called HYPERLINK!, I was shouting and swearing at all the NOT useful hits that came up on my Google searches.

As I am not smart enough to write the instructions to you without hyperlinking this whole post, I will hook you up with a helpful post on eHow .

Having problems using the Htlm code? I found that Odessa had left out the last /a> that goes at the end. Try to add those last three symbols, then it should work.

Try not to be too frustrated. Take your time and play around with it. Then, once it's working, be proud! Brag to your friends that you now know how to write computer programming codes. You have joined the Internet Geek Society. Welcome aboard!

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