Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I Run

I broke a personal record today and ran 4,5 miles. Yeah, maybe it's not a super accomplishment for an athlete, but for me it's awesome!

I've been a runner off and on for about four years. Though I'm not a dieter, I have a similar relationship to running, committed in periods, and then I get lazier and lazier, and eventually I stop.

Now, I hope to stick with it. My priorities have changed. Last summer I had some semi-serious heart and lung symptoms which really freaked me out. It's sad that it takes a good scare to figure out what is important in life. Today I am running to stay healthy and not out of vanity.

The hardest part with starting a running program is to get over the first painful hump. The untrained body doesn't want to exercise. My body has resisted my running work-outs until just recently. If you have tried running, you know what I'm talking about, the cramps under the ribs and the breathing difficulties --but it gets easier, I promise! After a few weeks the cramps and breathing improve, and you can run longer and longer distances.

In the beginning, I ran (slow-jogged!) five minutes, walked five minutes for thirty minutes each work-out, every other day. After about three weeks, I started running the whole thirty minutes. Back then, I covered about two miles, and it was though. Today, I ran 4,5 miles and could have continued longer.

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