Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Intolerance --A Seldom Talked About Syndrom

Christmas is only three weeks away. It's my least favorite holiday of the year. My body grows spikes like a hedgehog, and I curl up into a ball every time anyone mentions words like: shopping, gifts, decorations, lights, trees, parties and dinners.

It's a rather annoying condition. When my near and dear try to involve me in their holiday plans, I have to apply superman strength to control myself from lashing out, spitting and hissing at them. Yes, I know; I need help!

There are mainly two ingredients in Christmas that don't seem to agree with me; its emotional importance, and the gifts. Why do people, my relatives, care so much about this holiday? And why do they lie about not wanting gifts?

For my daughter's sake, who has not yet developed this rare disorder, I have to control my desire to run away (alternative: lock myself in a closet) and hibernate until January 2.

My family is well aware of my rare condition, but they have, as of yet, shown little empathy and consideration for my problem. So, if you have someone like me in your family, who shows symptoms of Christmas intolerance, see above description of hedgehog/angry cat-like behavior, go easy on them! Remember that they are suffering and can't help themselves.

As of today, Christmas intolerance sufferers don't have an official organization, and there is no research being conducted in this area.

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