Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do You Have A Tweenie At Home?

In the past year, my daughter has changed from being my little Tom-girl to a fourteen-year-old, except --she is only ten! What happened? I didn't expect to see these changes in her behavior for at least another two years.

It's hard to say when I first started noticing that she was different. I blame those darn Twilight books. No, kidding aside, my daughter has always been a strong reader, and last summer she read all four Twilight books. I was so proud of her. But since then, that is all she wants to read!

The Twilight books obsession ballooned into exchanging posters on the walls in her room. Yes, the cute puppy posters were torn down and up went Edward Cullen and Jacob.

Then the I-want-a-cell-phone nagging started. When I told her that she could call her friends, all she wants, on our regular phone, her response was: "I want to text them, moooom." (Her head tilted to one side and her mouth poking out.)

This naturally leads me to the next change in her behavior. Her attitude. Whateeeevers are now heard on a regular basis in our home, and the classic eye-roll has showed up along with mouth-offs like tisks, huff, b-ah and buts.

Where did my little girl go? I got my answer today when I read the morning paper. The heading read: "Do you have a tweenie at home?"

Here is the scoop:
Tweenies are kids between 9 and 11. They are too young to be teenagers, but no longer little kids. In other words: "Too young for boys and too old for toys." They are teenager wannabes, and imitates them with clothes, accessories, and behavior.

Unlike teenagers that suffer from apathy and lack of energy (can be recognized by their semi-deaf-couch-potato behavior), tweenies have their child-like excitement, and willingness to do things, still intact. But they have reached a more mature mental stage than 6-8 year-olds, they are starting to grasp adult jokes and contexts.

Tweenies are fun to be around, so enjoy this rare and short period in their lives. Soon enough the real teens will start! No longer too young for boy, and many new and interesting toys!

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  1. We have a tweenie, but I'm happy that he still acts like a child most times. Happy because we already have a teen and have all the angsty mopey attitude we can handle. :D