Thursday, December 10, 2009

Foods I No Longer Eat

When I go to the grocery store I read labels and look at price tags. There are some foods that I don't buy because they contain MSG or hydrogenated fats, but I am far from consistent in my shopping. Some foods slip into my cart even though I know they are bad for me. Why? Mostly because I like to eat them. They are candy, fruits, lunch meat, beef, frozen pizzas, cookies...

It's really hard to go into a grocery store and choose only healthy environmental products. Most of the stuff on the shelves contain chemicals that will give me cancer, unless I buy all organic products which I can't afford. An alternative is to not eat fast food and snacks. Or make my own snacks with organic ingredients, but that takes time (and effort).

This week I was reminded to become a better consumer. I watched a documentary called "Food, Inc." Please watch this movie, I highly recommend it. It shows how five (mega-) meat companies in the U.S. control the beef market, and how the cattle are standing around on crowded fields, knee high in their own manure. They are feed corn, soybean and chicken manure (!). Some, or a lot, of the manure end up in our food. And this is the beef that is found in the grocery stores and fast food restaurants, actually, all restaurants, unless they specialize in preparing organic meals.

Then there are the chickens and turkeys, they are kept in small houses without any daylight, and speed raised. Many of them die from complications before they even reach the slaughter houses. And of course, they are feed corn and soybeans.

So why do we produce food in this way? Yes, price! But the food is poor in nutrition, and causes cancer, obesity, and food poisoning. The corn feed cows produce a deadly E. Coli bacteria! If the E. Coli in the cow manure contaminates the beef, which happens on occasion (on the killing floor in the slaughterhouses), the bacteria end up in our food.

Have you read enough? Okay. I will stop. I won't tell you about the farmed salmon that is feed soybean and chicken manure, or about the milk cows which are given growth hormone that causes udder infections and pus in the milk....

Before you buy your next turkey, read here!


  1. Ann, you must read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. In the US I think all high school students read it. It was written in the early 1900's and is an expose on the meat packing industry. Very gruesome.

    Also, you need to get more bloggers!! This is fun but I feel like a blog hog!!!!

  2. I need more blog hogs (hog? --fan!)Your comments are spices in my soup.


  3. It's me, I'm back again. I drink almond milk, have given up all dairy for health reasons (probably lactose intolerant) and I have sworn off all artificial sweeteners, dreadful stuff according to my doctor. I try to eliminate as much processed food as I can. Problem is, some of the things that are not especially good for us taste so darn good. Drat!