Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Career

January 19th will be my first day of PTA school. PTA stands for physical therapist assistant. It's a two year college program. This past year, I've been working on finishing my general prerequisites like English, psychology, anatomy and physiology and a few more.

This next year and a half are going to be really though, not just studying wise, but also with finding time for writing, parenting, housekeeping, running...,[big sigh]; I'm sure it will all work out.

After giving up on my teaching career, PTA school felt like the right path for me. It has many of my favorite subjects: holistic medicine, science, education, and fitness. And when I graduate, there are a multitude of areas that I can work in: hospital, private clinic, home health care, nursing home, school.

Something else, I like how physical therapy is a fairly unisex occupation. It's a field with many women, but it also attracts a lot of men. Too many occupations are either "men-jobs" or "women-jobs".

Last, but not least, the pay is good (especially for a two year college degree!), and there are jobs.

So for now, until January 19, I have a bunch of anatomy to review: all the bones and the nervous system, [another big sigh]; it's a good thing I recently took those courses.

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