Sunday, December 20, 2009

Want To Run Comfortably?

As a runner, I am fortunate to live in Florida. I grew up in Sweden, and over there we didn't always have weather that made running possible, especially this time of year. It could be quite icy and slippery outside during the winter months, or in other words, bone-breaking-weather!

Besides the weather, another crucial factor that I have learned has a major impact on my running comfort is the time of day. Somehow my body-system doesn't lend itself to running during the first half of the day. Mornings is the least comfortable time for me to run. Maybe this has something to do with my digestive system. I don't know. But if I run in the mornings, I often experience cramps and my belly is bubbly. (I know, more than you want to know!)

I believe that running is much like anything else in our character, we do things better at different times of day. I am creative and learn best in the am, but run best in the pm. So if you been having difficulties, try to run at a different hour of the day.

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