Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Fall For The Temptation And Buy An El Cheapo Running Shoe

It was time to buy a new pair of running shoes. Last year during the after-Christmas-sale, I bought a pair of New Balance running shoes for 35 dollars at TJ Maxx. They've worked well, looked nice, and held together fine, until I became a more committed runner. This was a few months back, or November, to be more exact.

My cheapo New Balance weren't supporting my feet. As I increased my running distance and frequency, I began experiencing sore shins and calves, and my shoes started losing their form. It was time to decide whether I was a runner, or whether I was a runner. I decided; I was --a runner! In other words, it was time to invest in a real pair of running shoes (the expensive kind!).

Do your research before you buy a new pair of running shoes. You might not know this, but there is more to buying a running shoe than just stopping in at the closest Foot Locker. You have to find and buy the right kind of running shoe. Every foot is different, and it's important to find a shoe that supports it in the right places.

Where can you learn which running shoe is best for you? If you feel like learning the ins and outs about different kinds of feet and shoes, there are lots of articles on the Internet or in books on running. And there are several places on the Internet where you can find deals on running shoes. But If you are a first time buyer like I was, you might want to go to a shoe store and get fitted by an expert. Then, next time, when you know what you need, you can get the second pair off of the Internet.

Find a store which specializes in athletic shoes, or running shoes. They have people who can look at your feet and advice you on what kind of running shoe you need. A good pair of running shoes cost between 60-120 dollars. Spend the money! If you are serious about running you need shoes that will protect you from getting injured. Then you can be comfortable like me. My new shoes are great. My shins and calves are better, and it feels like I am running on a spongy mattress.

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  1. Glad the shoes worked out!

  2. advise you not advice you lol ( you said you wanted spelling tips!!!)

  3. I asked for it! And I learned something. Good to know when to used the two terms. Thank you!

  4. My husband used to be a serious runner (finished one marathon!) back in the 60's through the 70's and, according to him, in the early years there were no really good shoes. He would apply hot glue (from a craft glue gun!) on the soles to extend the life of the shoes.

  5. The "good old days" when people repaired their shoes instead of throwing them away and buying a new pair!

    Maybe the shoe fixing jobs will come back in the future? I would consider of opening a little shop.