Monday, January 4, 2010

Here I Go Again!

I submitted another poem. Now, I am nervous that I had beginner luck with "Unwanted Gift", my first submission and first publication. Rejection is crushingly painful, but something I have to learn to handle. My logic tells me I can take a rejection and keep sending a poem to different places until it finds a home, but my inner critic tells me to give up, and to stop embarrassing myself.

This new poem is called "Tattered Joe To-Go". It was inspired by a discovery my daughter and I made during a walk. We found a blanket and an empty milk carton on the ground. They looked "left" there, right next to a trash bin, underneath a bridge. It was just garbage, but it got us talking. What is life like for someone who is homeless?

Our conversation prompted my poem about a homeless man, Joe To-Go. I wanted to give a voice to the individual who had slept under the bridge. My mind tried to go there, wake up on the ground, wrapped in the blanket. Who am I? What was my night like? Where did I go after I awoke?

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  1. Now Ann, this is odd, just today my husband,who works for the city of Ormond, told me a homeless person started a fire in the ladies room at Ames Park, just south of Bailey Riverbridge. I wonder if it was your homeless Joe?? It must be so lonely and hopeless to be out on one of these freezing nights. You are so grounded. I love to read how you feel about trying to get your work published. That uneasiness is so universal to anyone creative. You always wonder, Is it good enough? Will people really like it? I like it but what do I know? I am getting up the courage to send you one of my poems, but you must remember, mine are only for children and don't have much depth.
    Your blog friend, Susan T.

  2. Susan, don't sell yourself short! I can't wait to read what you send me. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Being the mechanical genius that I am, I think I not only sent you my poem, The Borrowed Child, but also some photos of God knows what. I am sure you will be totally confused when you look for my poem and see me standing before the public library in Key West. No wonder, I sell myself short! Also, it is the only 'adult' poem I have.

  4. I look forward to looking at Key West Pictures and reading your poem!