Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Found A New Blog For My Web Collection!

When I was out hunting on the Web today, I stumbled upon a real blog-jewel! It was hiding as a link behind some words on a rather dull and disorganized author's blog (no names!). I was going exit when something told me to click on the link, and to my astonishment, it was a gateway to "The Positivity Blog" . The author is a Swede (!!!) named Henrik Edberg.

What's The Positivity Blog about? Check out his list of content!
-creating new and better habits;
-improving self-discipline;
-expanding your consciousness and realizing your possibilities;
-reducing procrastination;
-setting goals you can reach;
-learning to live in the present moment;
-understanding what is stopping you today from doing what you want;
-improving your people skills and relationships.

Does it seem like Mr Edberg has watched a few too many Oprah Winfrey shows? Maybe, but it's working. He has found his niche in the blogging-world.

Pop in and read some of his stuff. I am going to place a link to his blog in my sidebar. After all, he is a fellow countryman! (We're both Swedish.)

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  1. Do you think Mr. Edberg practices what he preaches? I am convinced anyone can write a self-help book. We all know what we should do, we all know what is acceptable behavior, we all know what is dishonest, we all know what others want to hear. Advice is easy to give and hard to accept, because we are all imperfect and act from that imperfect base. However, I've always felt that imperfection has a certain charm......

  2. Probably not. He writes stuff that will generate traffic to his blog. Look at Oprah, she makes crazy money on telling people what they already know.