Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Is A Tag?

On Google's Blogger it's called a label, but tags and labels are the same thing.

So, why should you care what a tag is? You shouldn't, if you're not a blog writer. But if you are, you should care a lot. That is, if you want more traffic to your blog than from your closest friends and your mama.

Tags are keywords or phrases that represent the content in your blog post. They are the words that people place in SEARCH when they want to look up stuff on Google or Yahoo. Let us say, you have a dog, and he keeps doing his business inside, and you want to find out how to get him to hold himself until you take him out. Then you might pull up Google and type words like "housebreaking" + "dogs" + "training" and so forth, into the search window. Those words are tags!

On Google's Blogger, tags are placed in a special window underneath the compose window where you write your blog posts. It's called a label (Why the usage of different terms --you have to ask the Blogger people!).

With tags, quantity is important. More tags are better. We're talking 10-20 tags per post! (Blogger has a 200 character maximum!) And yes, it's a lot of work. But the more tags, the better the chances are that your post will be picked up by the Google, or Yahoo search engines, and bring those wanted readers your way!

Here are some examples of tags I will use for this lovely little post: tagging, tags, search engines, labels, blog tags, blogging, blog traffic, keywords, blog posts, find blog readers, optimization, search engine optimization, keyword phrases, links, description tags...

I show some of my tags in the sidebar, the upper right side of my front blog page. They're there to show Internet browsers, stopping-by-ers, what I am about. What I write about. They can click on tags that they find interesting and read my posts. On Google's Blogger, it's possible to choose a few representing tags (out of the growing bank of keywords) and place them in the side bar. It's very easy! You click on edit sidebar, the layout page, to do this.

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  1. So, if I wanted to tell someone about your great blog, how would I tell them to access it. Of course, I, being an email buddy of yours, have no difficulty as I either click from the email or the blog title on my favorites. Yes, you are in the number 5 position! My sister tells me they are very easy to create, but your blog seems so much more detailed than hers is.

  2. You know that your sister can find this comment? ;-)
    Type my name in yahoo SEARCH, and I'm there!