Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Long Does It Take To Form A Lasting Running Habit?

Forming habits. Some habits seem to form themselves with minimal effort on my part. Things like eating breakfast, sleeping in on the weekends, sitting down at the computer and checking my e-mail, snacking on junk I shouldn't eat, and buying crap I don't need.

And then other habits takes maximum effort to establish. They seem completely impossible to program into a routine. Things like planning dinners before I go grocery shopping, making the bed every morning, and cleaning the house once a week.

Forming running habits takes maximum effort. I've been working hard at it for nearly four months, and it's not until now that I feel like running is slowly becoming a regular part of my weekly routine. When it's time to put on my shorts and shoes, I don't have to motivate myself as much anymore --unless it's raining of course!

If I am going to believe John Tesh's "intelligence for your life" radio show, it takes six months to successfully form a lasting habit. He was referring to eating healthy foods, but maybe it crosses over to exercising? This means I have two more months to go. And I am hopeful. I feel like it could happen. For the past month, I've been running three miles four times a week, and today I increased my distance with another half a mile. Making progress is an awesome motivator!

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  1. Are you still wearing shorts in this weather? Oh, I forgot, you're from Sweden. I must say, I admire your resolve. You have a very full life and still manage to blog. Running is very hard on your joints, so do take care of yourself.

  2. I find little pockets of time. That's how it works. Pockets of time....