Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Science Of Love

I signed up for the February blog chain at the Absolute Write Water Cooler (a forum I visit often).This month's subject is LOVE!

As I am a bit of a nerd, and since I enjoy reading non-fiction, my post will explore the scientific side of love, or more specifically, falling in love.

A researcher named Dr Helen Fisher has researched what happens in our brain when we fall in love. She has found that our reward center, a "feel good center", in our brain gets stimulated by chemicals when we eat, drink, sleep, and have sex.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, Dr Fisher has discovered that this reward center is involved when we fall in love. As there is an area in the brain that deals with our emotions (feelings), this would be a logical place for love --but initially this emotional area is patiently waiting for a later stage in the process. When our love has matured beyond this first stage known as LUST.

What Dr Fisher concludes from her research is that first stage of love (lust) is nothing different than an ordinary physiological reward --like eating a piece of chocolate.

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  1. It's always about chocolate. Everything can be likened to chocolate. I always suspected this to be the case. LOL

  2. So true --that's why I crave it once a month!

  3. That explains my lust for chocolate.

  4. Love and chocolate ... the two best tasting elements of life. ;)

  5. And chocolate never lets you down.

  6. So true..., well actually, yes, now when I think about it --I don't care so much for the plain Hershey kind. Taste like paper. I only buy the nice milky-creamy chocolate.

  7. The conversation has left love in the dust and run off with the chocolate!

  8. Chocolate is a pretty good thing!