Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Trucker": My First Attempt At A Novel

Something new, I am going to start posting snippets from my first novel: "Trucker".

It's a half-finished story, a project I began last August, three months before I even knew anything about NaNoWriMo. Since then, it has been resting and maturing in a computer file, and now I am ready to dust it off and tinker with it again, and share it with you.

This being said, I am preparing you for amateur fiction. I am a beginner. My fiction is highly juvenile. So smile, shake your head and have fun, but be gentle on the criticism.

Now then, what is "Trucker" about? In this post I will start this fiction series by giving you a small synopsis of the story.

Jake is 40. His life follows the same old patterns, and he likes it that way. It's safe and predictable. He drives his truck, chats with Rob on his cell, and spends holidays and vacations at his mom's house in Florida.

The only thing missing in his life is a girlfriend. He daydreams about meeting a pretty, but trustworthy, brunette with low expectations. A girl who isn't needy, and who likes truckers.

One early October morning, as Jake heads south on interstate 57 towards St Louis, he crashes and totals his truck. He is a survivor, but no longer in control. He is dependent on friends and hospital staff to recover and adjust to a new life. A life that is full of difficult lessons, hard work, and surprises.

Jake meets Sara. She is perfect, but belongs to someone else.

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  1. hmmmm.....does Sara have low expectations or just a low neckline? And, how does Jake know she is perfect for him already? Love at first sight? The other guy can't be as great as our protagonist. I anxiously await the first installment of Trucker. Hey, wait a minute, maybe you should make it into a graphic novel!

  2. A synopsis is written in present tense. So Jake doesn't know that Sara is perfect for him. Not until further into the story.

    But yes, I am using a classic theme --forbidden love. "One writes what one knows," she said and winked.

    Do you want to do the graphics? That would be really cool!

  3. I don't have enough confidence in my artistic abilities as you probably want more than stick figures. I love your line "One writes what one knows." However, you don't appear to be one who knows about forbidden love. There must be more to you than meets the eye. Who are you, Ann Vevera?

  4. It seemed to be an interesting novel, but isn't driving while on the phone illegal nowdays in North America?

  5. Littlebear, good question! In all states? But in fiction it's ok to let it happen, yes?

  6. Still waiting for a snippet........

  7. It will come. I am working on editing the introduction page.