Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogs Are Like Wild-Flowers

A skilled writer knows all the right words to produce a coherent story with perfect grammar. After this statement I have two questions: When will this be me? And, if I can't write well, should I keep writing publicly on a blog?

They are fair questions. Or aren't they? My view is this. I have recently realized that I like blogging because it's not elitist. Anyone can start a blog and express almost anything they want. The masses can choose to read it, or ignore it. But the best part is. In the blogging-world, there are tons of unskilled writers who are authors to super-popular blogs. Grammar certainly helps, but what rules in this genre is creativity and content.

Blogs are like wild-flowers. If you don't like them, you call them weeds. They don't conform. They poke up anywhere they feel like growing and expand into all shapes and sizes. This is why I like blogs. Because of their boldness and their imperfections. It is why I like to read blogs, and why I am a blog-writer.


  1. And by the way, I just found a few flaws that I went in and fixed. My inner critic just went ahead and trumped everything I just wrote.

  2. I agree...I'm forever changing my own blogs, even after I post.

  3. TKToppin thanks, yeah, the job is never done!

  4. "When will this be me? And, if I can't write well, should I keep writing publicly on a blog?"

    LOL - I love humility!

    Any writing that is not elitist or conformist is a plus as far as I'm concerned. Now that you made me think of, I guess that's why I like wildflowers so much, too. Great imagery.

  5. Kristen Lesko, thanks! I just found one more place where I had to go back in and correct.

    And yes, I'm kind of proud of my wildflower simile!

  6. Ann, LOLing at your comment over on my blog (something about Obama, wheat, running naked).

    I read recently, on another blog, that nowadays (in last few years) publishers want new prospective authors to have a blog before they accept their manuscripts. A blog with a large following, i.e. ready market. Not sure how true this is. As I'm setting down to write my first book it seems daunting, but then getting published is always daunting, no matter the circumstances.

    I love the freedom of blogging and the opportunity for connection with other writers, which in years past I only found in writers groups.

  7. Kbxmas, you have a healthy following on your blog, so you probably get picked up by an agent. Personally, I find it difficult to swallow that an agent and a publisher should have a cuts of the profit if I write and market all myself. What do they do?

    What's your book about?