Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Am Not A Chicken!

When I was a kid I sometimes fantasized about being a bird. Especially at times when I was upset, or scared. Then I would close my eyes, spread my imaginary wings, and fly to my hideout in a leafy tree-top.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my imagination never worked well enough to mentally transport myself to a tree-top. My ears just didn't want to collaborate on that level. They picked up on all the sounds of things going on around me.

As an adult, I sometimes catch myself looking up at the sky and wishing I could join the flock of birds flying above my head, especially on days when life is dishing out more than I can handle.

But only a weakling run (or fly) away from her fears. A strong woman face her fears, endure, and come out stronger, or something like that. Did I learn that in psych 101, or have I watched too much Oprah? Maybe it was Biggest Looser.

As I returned to the dentist this week and had my teeth cleaned, my dental hygienist encouraged me to face my dental phobia and have my cavities filled without sedation.

Actually, she said: "Nobody I know gets sedation during fillings."

Her comment made me feel embarrassed and hurt at first, but I was able to stay cool and not get angry and defensive. There was some truth in what she said. Sedation is an easy way out. Why am I choosing to be a such a chicken? It's not like I am going to be tortured. Well, just a bit, but I can handle it. I should be able to handle it --like normal people do. And more, I'll save a chunk of money!

Before I left the dentist office, I scheduled my first return visit to have a filling done traditional style! If I tolerate it well, I may find the courage to fill the remaining ten cavities the same way.

As I drove home in my car, I had mixed feelings of pride and fear. Did I make the right decision? Why do I have to face my fears? What's wrong with being a chicken?

I'm going to buy myself something real nice with the money I save, darn it!

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  1. Oh man, I was climbing the building wave of anticipation, ready to ride it into shore and see how the sans-sedation procedure went. Alas, I guess I'll have to wait. Personally, I'd be all over the drugs.

    Thanks for visiting my site (Wanderlust).

  2. Haven't been to the dentist yet, so, we'll have to see how it goes. If I just concentrate on one dental visit at the time --and stay optimistic --I hope it will be enough.

    Thanks for the encouragement and your visit!

  3. I guess you decided against my advice to get drunk before your appointment.

  4. Susan, I decided to stick to my plan. Face my monster with a clear head. Be brave! I survived, but it was torture.