Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twitter. Not Just Oprah Does it!

Last Sunday night I showed my husband that I had joined Twitter.

"Look honey, see the blue bird button on my blog, now people can read what I tweet about," I said and pointed to the computer screen.
"Great." He continued feeding his fish without turning his head.
"But look, isn't it cool!" I tried again.
This time he came and sat down and gave me a sideways smirk. After a few quiet seconds of pondering if he was going to be nice or spicy, he chose the latter.
"Paris Hilton twitters about what dress she is going to put on her Chiwawa. What are you going to twitter about?"

Okay, so I am not Paris Hilton, obviously, and I am not sure yet what Tweets I'll compose, or who will read them, but I am always excited when I learn something new. Internet, blogs, social networking sites, they all fascinate me.

It's kind of interesting how programs like MySpace and Facebook are more socially acceptable than Blogs and Twitter. Tons of people have FB accounts, but very few Twitter. And yet, Twitter is a combo between SMS and FB!

Twitter and Facebook were launched at the same time in 2006. And my husband is partially right, Twitter has become known through celebrities who Twitter. One well-known Twitter is Oprah Winfrey. And we all know, whatever Oprah touches turns to gold.

But Twitter is not just a medium for famous people to share what they have for breakfast. It's a fun place like FB. Anyone is welcome, and lots of "ordinary" people are part of the community. Many of my blog and writer friends on Absolute Write Water Cooler Twitter. You can read what they say when you click on my blue-bird-button.

Finally a few words about the Twitter lingo. My AW friend Benbradley, typed me the following:
"---a Twitter post is a tweet, the verb form is to tweet and past tense is I/you/we/he/she/ tweeted."


  1. Are twitters limited to a small number of characters? My sister said she thought they could only be 20 words long or something like that. I don't know if I could get away with only 20 words. You know what a big mouth I have!

  2. 140 words. So you could fit in what you need to say. Some people even do micro-twitter-fiction!

  3. Good for you! I haven't ventured out to Twitterland yet, but plan to. Still wrapping my head around FB & the blogging thing. Social media is torture.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you Disobed, you should try Twitter. Lots of AWs are there. I got a warm welcome!

  5. I'm on it too...but, honestly, I forget to tweet sometimes. And when I do - I draw a blank and end up talking about the weather. Sigh...

  6. TKToppin, I hear you! It's hard to use 140 letters to say someting interesting, or come up with a witty comment.

  7. Exactly! And I'm usually good at witty, but Twitter suddenly gives me stage-fright.