Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time Management. How Is It Done?

I just read four blogs with posts on the topic time management. Well actually, I read three posts about time management, and one about simplifying our lives, but same difference, right?! If we have too much going on, something got to go, or we have to learn to be ultra-efficient. Like modern wash detergents, a little wash a lot. That's my method, by the way, I steal a small portion of my "prime time" (usually morning hours) to get as much done as possible.

What has to get done during my prime time is writing and studying. In other words, my brain has to be completely awake and rested. Being a part-time cleaning lady by night, a full-time college student by day, and a mother, I have to be wise and structured to stay on top of my commitments.

What has helped me are a few things.

Not having cable TV is a major help. My husband and I gave up on it three years ago to save money. At first I thought I would miss all my favorite shows, and I felt guilty that my daughter couldn't see her shows. But with having Internet and Netflix, it turned out we don't need it. During weeknights, everyone reads books in bed, and on the weekends we watch movies, without commercials!

Sharing chores and responsibilities might sound like something obvious, but as a college-mom, I hear too often how women try to handle all the parenting and house chores themselves. All I can say here is: DELEGATE! And stop cleaning. You're home doesn't have to be spotless. Spending time with your kids, and I mean some kind of interactive activity (playing), has to be number one on your priority list, but taking them to the dentist can be a shared responsibility!

Finally, I am going to reference The Positivity Blog: "Focus on what is important for you. Let go of the rest." Meaning. Let go of stress. Don't worry about all those things you're not doing. Don't feel guilty for what you are doing. And live in the moment. (I know. It's hard. But it's good to be reminded!)

Good luck.


  1. Ah yes, this is me. Giving up TV is the first step. I totally agree with you that we must be better at time management to complete our goals.

    And I'm so with you on the clean house thing - I've always said that I'll clean my house once the kids move out.

  2. It is good to be reminded. I struggle so much with time management now that I'm blogging on top of everything else. I was having a hard enough time just trying to get time for the book.

    I love the idea behind the positivity blog. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  3. Jaydee. "I'll clean my house once the kids move out" is a good comment! I like that. Thanks!

  4. Kirsten you are a busy woman! Hope you find time to write fiction. I am curious what it is about. What's your genre? Your blog mostly talks about the writing process.