Sunday, May 23, 2010

15 Tweets by @annvevera!

I joined Twitter three months ago. As of today, I have 45 followers, mostly writers, and I follow 58, same people who follow me, plus a few extra.

Twitter is really fun. It's a great place for making web-friends and networking.

Writers tweet about writing, of course, post links to blog posts and articles, post messages about random thoughts, reply to other people's tweets, and share other people's tweets (retweet!).

So what do I tweet about? As of today, I have posted 226 tweets, and I am going to share 15 of them in chronological order. (If you want to read all 226, you just click on the blue bird at the top right corner of this blog.) Remember, each post is only allowed 140 characters.

Here I go.

Mar 15th. 4:44 am. @Chumplet Thank you! Still trying to learn all this. How it works.

Mar 23rd. 1:40 pm. Ah..., I just figured out what the things do in the sidebar. I was wondering how I could see if anyone had replied on my tweets.

Mar 28th. 2:38 pm. @ACRead Thanks. I decided to follow a few people on your list.

Mar 31st. 1:51 am. Wednesday is trash-day. Do you leave neat, organized piles (control freak?), or drag it out there leaving a long trail of crap (slob)?

Apr 3rd. 8:51 am. If my mom was on Twitter: "I cleaned the hallway closet today."

Apr 5th. 5:08 pm. School is great. I am learning lots of cool stuff. But I have no time to write!

Apr 7th. 1:06 am. @BigWords88 Actually, teachers! And you never want a teacher to be your student --that's the absolute worst combination.

Apr 9th. 5:38 am. @TKToppin Great article! Very interesting. The masses are exposed to very few choices in the traditional bookstores. Not good.

Apr 10th. 4:53 pm. Skyped my mom. Have to. Every Saturday morning at 9 am. She talks for 30 minutes. I listen. Then I tell her I have to make breakfast.

Apr 11th. 6:07 am. My dad will call me at 9:30 sharp! I talk for 5 minutes. He asks about the weather, then cuts me off with: "Next week same time okay?"

Apr 18th. 4:34 am. Some people just deliver interesting and fun blog posts like it's as easy as making a ....., well something that is easy to make!

Apr 26th. 1:02 am. How about giving a 20 million dollar sign-on bonus to a writer with a promising manuscript? Why only in football?

Apr 28th. 5:10 pm. What's going on out there? I'm trapped in an evil bubble: work, eat, read, read, eat, sleep, shower, coffee, work...

May 6th. 1:04 am. The snowbirds are leaving Florida.

May 19th. 3:40 pm. First day of my summer semester. It doesn't look like I am going to get much writing or fiction reading done over the next 12 weeks.

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  1. I am still a bit mystified by the whole twitter thing, but then I just went to Starbuck's for the first time (what's the big deal there besides being robbed by a smiling cashier!) You may not believe this but I still have a rotary phone. Not that I am totally adverse to technology, I just am choosy and think it should somehow improve my life. After this confession, do you still want to be my friend?

  2. Since when did I become material-girl? You will always be a great friend!